Wednesday, August 18, 2010

About Scissors

Scissors are very simple tools used to cut various objects into pieces. Scissors consist of two blades opposing one another, connected at a pivot point. The blades are offset so that materials placed between the blades are sheared rather than chopped. Handles attached to the end of each of the blades allows the user to open and close the blades without risking injury.

Scissors have been around for thousands of years, and originated in Egypt and the Middle East. The first pairs were rudimentary blades that were hinged together by a piece of metal and needed to be closed and opened without the advantage of handles we are familiar with today.

Scissors are among the mostly widely used tools available. Children's scissors have very short and blunt blades which are relatively dull. Everyday scissors vary a great deal, and can be used in various crafts or at-home projects. Professionals such as tailors and hairdressers rely on scissors for their livelihood. Scissors can be made to fit either right-handed or left-handed people, depending on which blade is closest to the hand when cutting.

The words "scissors" and "shears" refer to the same tool, but they differ with respect to their size. Scissors have blades that are less than 6 inches long, while shears have blades that are longer than 6 inches. Shears also have handles in which one side will fit more than a single finger.
Scissors can cut anything including hair, paper, metal and chicken bones. Scissors developed to cut thicker or stronger materials (such as tin snips) will have relatively longer handles than standard scissors. Scissors also cut the best when the item being cut is placed closer to the pivot point, because this is where the greatest force is.

The price of a pair scissors can vary greatly as well. An inexpensive (and likely ineffective) pair of scissors may run only a few dollars, while professional hair cutting scissors can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. The cost of the scissors relies on the smoothness of the mechanics as well as

The word "scissors" is generally considered both singular and plural, and most people refer to them in pairs (although a single blade within a pair is technically called a scissor).

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